Spotify Launches New Gaming Category With Curated Playlists and More

Music-streaming giant Spotify has launched a new video game category.

Called Spotify Gaming, this category includes curated playlists like Power Gaming, RetroWave, and Top Gaming Tracks, as well as songs from “hundreds” of games like Fallout 4 and No Man’s Sky. Gaming personalities such as Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra have their own curated playlists as well, while more are coming later, Spotify said in a blog post today. The Top Gaming Tracks playlist features songs like “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid,” by The Offspring and Eminem’s “Rap God,” so they don’t really have anything to do with video games.


You can also now visit to browse though the music service’s library of gaming songs in alphabetical order.

“So whether you’re jumping down tubes as an Italian plumber, battling hordes of evil enemies or playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou, we got you covered with the perfect soundtrack,” Spotify said.

Spotify’s new Gaming category should show up in the Browse section on all platforms (iOS, Android, PC, and PlayStation) starting later today.

PlayStation Music for PlayStation 4 and other PlayStation consoles uses Spotify and even supports background music play so you can listen to tunes while in a game session. Background music support recently came to Xbox One, but Spotify is not available on Microsoft’s console.


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