No, Overwatch's Loot Box Drop Rate Didn't Suddenly Change

While some players have suspected that a change had been made to the drop rate of Overwatch‘s more desirable items, Blizzard insists that isn’t the case.

During the recent Lunar New Year event, some players found themselves without any new skins, prompting them to wonder if drop rates for rare skins had been lowered. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan chimed in on Blizzard’s forums to say nothing has changed.

“The drop rates for Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, and Year of the Rooster are all the same,” he wrote.

During the Winter Wonderland event, some players complained not about drop rates, but the quality of higher-rarity skins. Specifically, players were upset that Mei’s new Legendary–the highest rarity level–wasn’t worthy of that designation. Kaplan apologized and said Blizzard would take that feedback into account.

With the Lunar New Year event having only just wrapped up, Blizzard hasn’t yet announced what the next big update will be. Some important balance changes have been introduced on test servers recently, while the developer is also testing out custom games and a server browser. In terms of content, rumors continue to swirl that Doomfist will be the next playable character–and Terry Crews is adamant that he gets to voice him.


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