Age Of Empires 4 Is In The Works At Dawn Of War, Company Of Heroes Dev

It’s been 12 years since a mainline installment in the beloved RTS franchise Age of Empires has launched. Today, however, we finally got confirmation that the series is coming back: Microsoft officially unveiled Age of Empires IV.

Right now, we know basically nothing about the game besides its title and developer. Microsoft showed a short cinematic teaser that confirms little besides that players will still be advancing through the ages, like every other installment in the series. Dawn of War and Company of Heroes studio Relic was confirmed as its developer.

There’s no word yet on release date, but it’s a good bet that it’s still a ways out. However, if you’re impatient to jump back into Age of Empires, you’re in luck: Microsoft has several other projects in the works.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is a remaster of the first title in the series, and it’s coming very soon. You’ll be able to play the overhauled version on October 19, exactly 20 years after the original release. In addition, Microsoft announced today that it’s also working on definitive editions of both Age of Empires II and III.


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