$250 PS4 Deal Becomes Even Better With A Bonus $50 Gift Card

Sony’s temporary price drop is now in effect, bringing the standard, slim model of PlayStation 4 down to $250. That’s a good deal in and of itself, but it gets even better.

Dell is throwing in a $50 gift card with the purchase of the $250 Uncharted 4 bundle. That’s comparable with the best deals we’ve ever seen on the console.

The Dell gift card will be sent to you by email 10-20 days after purchase, which you can then put to use on another game, controller, or anything else on Dell’s store.

This offer–and the temporary price cut–doesn’t extend to the PS4 Pro. We have, however, seen some nice deals recently on that console, which is turning into a more attractive option thanks to Boost mode.

Check out more of this week’s best deals here. If you decide to pick up a PS4, there’s also a one-day-only deal happening on the system’s vertical stand.


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